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Leadership & Management

 Knowledge development courses are available for the following topics:: 

Theory into Practice - Leadership & ManagementTheory into Practice - Leadership & Management

  • Leadership & Management - Roles & Responsibilities | Communication | Project Management Principles 
  • Sustainability & Risk - CSR, Sustainability & Environmental Impact | Risk Assessment | Risk Management
  • Communication in Business - Models & Theorists | Communications Systems | Barriers, Channels & Types | Language & Impact
  • Culture & Ethics - Organisational Structures & Cultures | Theorists & Models | Influence & Impact | Ethics 
  • Business as Systems - Role, Purpose & Features | Information Flow & Management | Systems Thinking | Systems Development | Policy & Procedure 
  • Managing People & Performance - Learning & Development | Motivation | Performance | TA & EQ | Teamwork | Stakeholder Management
  • Personal Effectiveness - Management Models & Theorists | Interpersonal Skills | Performance 

These courses have been designed for individuals who want to know more about each of the topics at Levels 4, 5, 6 & 7 but who do not want to follow a strict qualification programme.  Past participants include those taking their first steps into middle management as well as experienced managers widening their accountabilities and responsibilities. The level of course suggested for you will depend on the role you currently have and your aspirations for the short, medium and long term - this will all be discussed with you and a bespoke programme designed to suit. 


A particular feature of these courses is the way in which often complex theory is presented, explained and illustrated so that a true understanding is gained.  Often formal programmes focus heavily on the theory and this can lead to learners feeling alienated - LearnOn courses are designed to transform the way participants feel about their learning and enjoy the success that comes with achievement!


This suite of topics is designed to provide the required level of knowledge and understanding and will assist participants to apply their learning meaningfully - contact us by email or Messenger to start the discussion and find out more

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